Mission Statement

Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest is an educational institute dedicated to developing professional tradespeople, advancing their skills and certifying their qualifications in the Upper Midwest.  Our learners include commercial and industrial painters, drywall finishers, glaziers, and glassworker.

The FTI~UM exists to serve a number of purposes:

To supply all signatory contractors with highly skilled workers including apprentices, journeypersons, supervisors, project managers, etc.

  • To facilitate a unique learning environment with varying instructional objectives and technologies.
  • To provide activities and resources that fosters a positive, comprehensive training environment.
  • To provide career advancement through a combination of classroom instruction as well as shop and field experiences.
  • To provide continuing education and training in the form of Journeyperson Continuing Education classes.

Apprentice development and progression is achieved by partaking in classes such as Health and Safety, Blueprint Reading, Mathematics, and Leadership and Foreperson Training to name a few.

With a state of the art training center, we specialize in complete training for Coatings Applicator Specialists, Commercial Painter and Wall Coverers, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, and Glassworkers.  Men and women are afforded comprehensive curriculum and unequaled training.

It is impressed upon our students the realization that acquiring vital trade specific skills is necessary in securing and maintaining fair wages, health and pension benefits, and favorable working conditions.

The FTI~UM’s vision is unparalleled. Our comprehensive training programs are a collaborative effort designed to supply our union contractors and associations the most uniquely qualified workforce, now and into the future.