The first LUC Pro 10 course was very well received by 36 members who obtained their certification with the 10 hours of training completed on February 27th & 28th. The curriculum contains training that targets professionalism beyond the technical skills on the job.  Labor History, Project Management, Supervisor Training Program and Survival of the Fittest are examples of some of the IUPAT’s “professional” curriculum we deliver to our members.   PRO-10’s, a Labor-Users-Contractors (LUC) initiative, sole goal is to improve and further the union construction industry.  PRO-10’s objective is to go beyond technical skills and develop cooperation and understanding of each other’s role in an effort to maintain and grow market share. PRO-10 training is now mandatory on PRO-10 jobsites and the expectation is that customers will soon be making PRO-10 part of their bid specifications.  Much of our current training can fulfill up to 60% of the class time needed to achieve PRO-10 certification.  Over 1000 construction union members have obtained their LUC Pro 10 certification so far.

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