Training Floor News

The drywall finishing training area was recently renovated with new sheet rock.  Sheetrock can only be washed off and reused for several years.  The sheetrock has a special coating applied that allows it to be washed off at the end of the training day.  The area includes many types of angles, soffits and radiuses that replicate most of the jobsite conditions encountered by drywall finishers.  The area is mostly used for bead work and second and third coatings.  Instructor Jim Lenton is looking forward to training in the refurbished area.

New continuing education classes have been established recently.  Some of the new classes include; Lull & Forklift, Certification Class for Aerial Lifts and Lead Abatement Worker.

Upon recommendation by the FTI~I, our First Aid/CPR training is now associated with the American Heart Association (AHA).  With AHA we provide a two year certification rather than a one year.

Industrial Painters should consider taking a welding or welding refresher course this year to expand or maintain their skills.

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